High Hours

So a few weeks ago,  you asked if I get high
Well, I lied, for my own insecurities of course
(Yeah, thanks to love)
I said no, afraid to let you know of how wrecked I’ve become

Well, the thought of you has a way of stitching up my heart
The strings, got me tied up to your toxicity
So maybe telling the truth might set me free after all
So hear out my confession, this time, lip to ear

I do get high
One too many times,
So high, my toes can’t get the feeling of the ground
I get high, maybe to raise my spirits, like everyone else
I get high, to pull myself from the ruins you create in me

I like to get high, deep in the night
When life smells obsolete
And the taste of death is much relieving
When tightening the noose around my neck is much of a perfect choice
And  trading my soul with the devil for peace of mind  is the only option
I like to get high,
When the blood in my veins feels all chilly
And maybe a little thaw of the blunt will do the trick

What if I tell you, darling
That I feel my fingers running through your skin,
every time I roll my blunt
And my lips somehow once again spark to life
When I wrap up the weed
How my tongue’s tip runs through the blunt,
Reminds me of how wet it got you
My fingers hold it up my lips,
And I can’t help but reminisce your nails clawing into my  flesh,
Tracing through the scars, till you find your way home
And with every deep puff I take
I relive how a glance at you took my breathe away
For a moment I feel loved, as you did
The feeling tastes like us
Dancing in the dark, till it all felt like home
We used to hold hands, now I dance alone, all high
And when it gets deep, I start to crave for you
Tears fill me up, and I light another blunt, to forget the cravings
The cycle goes on till I get to the final blunt
And feeling 420 feet across the clouds, I drift off to sleep, maybe dream of you
Guess that’s when I can really have you to myself

Sorry I lied,
Guess all I wanted was to lie in your arms again
Feel your embrace of my heart
Feel the warmth of your bosom,
thawing up my soul when it felt all cold and lonely
Somehow your presence, darling
Made my demons all feel absent from my mind
And for once, with you, I felt how peace tastes like
With you,  death never felt a longing enough,
Knowing I’d find rest in you

You walked away,
Even though I know I pushed you
You left a scar in my heart,
And all along I’ve been trying to pull the strings back
To try and sew my heart into shape again
I’ve left my back bare to the world I threw the knife at
And now I have to keep nursing my wounds from the stabs

Pain has torn me asunder
And my feelings all numbed
My heart bleeding for your stitches
I can’t find a better way to paint how your smile lighted up my soul
And maybe a blunt is all I’m left with now to escape all this misery

I’m all wrecked up
An ugly mess, I’d not like to stir it up with your beauty
One charmed soul, I’d not want to spoil the spell
A blessing, I failed to count

And so when you asked if I get high
I lied
I said no,
Not just afraid of letting you know how wrecked I’ve become
But because of the fear to ruin the beautiful perception you have of me
Because darling,
I’d really want you back…
To get high with you,
And maybe feel how I really feel for you…



  1. Writers insecurities my ass😫😫😫 this is incredible ❀️😭 eyyπŸ”… I totally loved it😊😞 even sorta kinda Jealous πŸ˜‚


      1. Nop’ πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” I can’t do that😫😫 your description is just fine as it is😫 it just makes you want more
        Mine is more like ikiisha imeisha😭


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